What Is Lost With “Repeal” and No Replacements

Tip For Tat

What Is Lost With “Repeal” and No ReplacementsReviewed by Freshaire20 on Jul 22.Rating: 4.0While listening to dueling news channels, it starts to become clear what we will lose in the The Republican nominee, ex-Governor Mitt Romney, has been happily [...]

Did You Know…??


Did You Know…??Reviewed by Freshaire20 on Jan 27.Rating:

Did you know that Congressperson and Senators can benefit from a sort of “insider trading” when it comes to the stock market? Did you know that committee chairpersons in the Congress [...]

Wisconsin’s Voter Identification Problem

Voting Rights Act

Wisconsin’s Voter Identification ProblemReviewed by Freshaire20 on Nov 21.Rating: - 


The voter identification bill is currently being held up in court facing challenges from several representative voter groups, such as the League of Women Voters and the NAACP. The decision in Pennsylvania [...]

A Step Back In Time = Vote Republican

A Step Back In Time = Vote RepublicanReviewed by Freshaire20 on Oct 11.Rating:

There we have it ladies and gentlemen, the bottom line. It is very interesting that the Republican party has made it VERY clear that they will go [...]

Newton’s Law In Politics

Newton’s Law In PoliticsReviewed by Freshaire20 on Oct 3.Rating:

This might sound a little boundary pushing to equate what is happening in politics to Newton’s Law, but in reality the “Law of Inertia” applies quite nicely to what is [...]

…’til It’s Gone…..

…’til It’s Gone…..Reviewed by Freshaire20 on Sep 23.Rating:

The old saying, made into a song, is….”You never know what you’ve got, until it’s gone”. This is true for voting rights, which are now under assault by Republican governors throughout [...]