The Cost Of The Tax Break…

The Cost Of The Tax Break…Reviewed by Freshaire20 on Nov 1.Rating: 3.5

Gov. Scott Walker and his legislature passed a tax cut in record time. That much vaunted 1 million dollar tax cut comes at a hidden price tag many [...]

The Kind Of Person

The Kind Of PersonReviewed by Freshaire20 on Sep 14.Rating:

One of the thing that I have always enjoyed knowing is that the taxes I pay are used to help people less fortunate than I. One of the basic tenets [...]

Corporate Tax Dodgers

Corporate Tax DodgersReviewed by Freshaire20 on Sep 8.Rating:

Well, the corporate tax dodgers have done it again, and they have no shame about it. After spending millions of dollars in lobbying congress for tax breaks and loopholes, a select [...]