Voter Suppression

Voter Fraud IS a Fraud!

Voter Fraud IS a Fraud!Reviewed by Freshaire20 on Aug 17.Rating: -The news about voter fraud, the news that no-one talks about, is voter fraud is a fraud. There are so few cases of voter impersonation, that it is a waste [...]

From A Reader: To Us All!


From A Reader: To Us All!Reviewed by Freshaire20 on Nov 24.Rating: I found this in my comment section, and it was so well thought out, I decided to republish it as its own work. Many thanks to the lovely [...]

Wisconsin’s Voter Identification Problem

Voting Rights Act

Wisconsin’s Voter Identification ProblemReviewed by Freshaire20 on Nov 21.Rating: - 


The voter identification bill is currently being held up in court facing challenges from several representative voter groups, such as the League of Women Voters and the NAACP. The decision in Pennsylvania [...]

…’til It’s Gone…..

…’til It’s Gone…..Reviewed by Freshaire20 on Sep 23.Rating:

The old saying, made into a song, is….”You never know what you’ve got, until it’s gone”. This is true for voting rights, which are now under assault by Republican governors throughout [...]

Voter Suppression Victims-Students+Elderly

Voter Suppression Victims-Students+ElderlyReviewed by Freshaire20 on Aug 2.Rating: The new voter ID law has been signed, sealed and delivered by the State Legislature in Wisconsin. The Governor has ensured that the fringe Democratic voter will have a great deal [...]

Ensuring Your Right To Vote!

Ensuring Your Right To Vote!Reviewed by Freshaire20 on Jun 25.Rating: Recently there have been several states who have passed new voting laws that are supposed to prevent voter fraud. While very few episodes of fraud have been found [...]